I've got to go to Boston.

It was disappointing.

These words were spoken by someone who shall be nameless.

I was half asleep.

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I'm sending him home.

Lamberto is the name of a large hotel chain.

Call me if you need my help.


Is the source of the erectile dysfunction of my husband the fact that he started drinking?

Today's broccoli is overcooked and tasteless.

You've come too early.


You're here.


The Higgs boson has been called the God particle.

Lucius doesn't agree with what Skef said.

I wish to see them immediately.

They only care about themselves.

She was displeased at my letter.

Hey, it could be worse.

No, I don't. You had better look it up in a telephone directory.

He soon recovered from the illness.

The truth is, he is nothing other than a deceiver.

I'm dying to see Paris.

I don't want to disturb Holly.

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Miriamne has been released.


As far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but a field of wheat.

I'm no longer angry at you.

You don't like me anymore!

Do not hesitate to celebrate your defeat... as long as you're the winner's guest.

I really am very tired.

Making good grades requires studying hard.

No matter how fast you ran, you cannot win.


You ought to take your father's advice.


Do I know him?

Lanny looked a bit surprised.

He trusts his assistant quite a lot.

We will need this to survive.

Pilot didn't try hard enough.

Never try to be someone else, there is no better than you.

My uncle studies English at the university.

I won't answer questions.

I tried talking to Anne last night.


You're the pathetic one.


The Vatican Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world.

I told Matthieu the reason why I wouldn't be able to go.

You're the one who saved Pia's life.

I want to know where she went.

It is no use reasoning with a child.


Someone needs to tell them that.

"I wonder what this is", asked Tony.

This dictionary is very expensive, but is worth buying.

I never drink tea with lemon.

What did she do to you?

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All you have to do is to hand this book to him.

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There are seedless grapes and seedless watermelons. I wonder if there are seedless mangoes.

This form must be filled out in triplicate.

But, knowing precisely sadness and love and death, and that they are vain images when we observe them from the calm space where we should shut ourselves in, he kept on weeping, and desiring love, and fearing death.


Are you sure you pressed the button on the left?

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This word does not translate well.

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They're going to torture Murthy.

Did you do this all yourself?

Sorry, it's not your decision.

It's an old custom to give a gift of lilies of the valley on the first of May.

Everyone believed Jean.


You must not get off the train before it stops.


Hilda knows us well.

She already knows how to read.

We don't want to be late.


Different people tell different versions of the incident.


While still an undergraduate, Adams performed an investigation to try to explain the reason for the irregularities in the motion of the planet Uranus. He theorized that the unexpected planetary orbit could be due to the presence of an as yet undiscovered planet.


I am only a man.

I do love you.

Guess what I ate for dinner last night. Popcorn.

Case told me to drive.

I prepay.

I thought he was going to fail the exam, but he passed after all.

Is this place far from the bank?

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Darryl is sharpening a knife.

I can't believe you're not on the telephone.

My wife gave birth to a child when we were very poor. While she was sleeping, I cooked rice and vegetables for several days and surprised her with the variety and taste of my cooking.

Tell him thanks.

I don't know what to answer.

I didn't know him at all.

He dashed the cup on the floor.


We need to clean the house.

This may be our only chance to talk to Tobias.

Please set these chairs by the window.


The navy defends our seacoast.

When should I feed my dog?

Don't treat me as if I were a child.

My desk is old.

Why don't you go ask him?

Be strong, Dan. They can break your body, but don't let them break your mind.

Duane forgot to do what he was supposed to do.

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I saw the ramparts of my native land. One time so strong, now dropping in decay.

Chuck likes carrots.

Emil was banished from the town.

This is technically impossible.

He's a bit jealous.

I approach my destination.

What was your first impression of London?


I'll ask them to help me.

What are those called?

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that tie.


I'd like to sign up for the track team.


"We're almost out of food..." "She's gone to the store." "Who's she? The cat's mother?"

This is my life right now.

Hal used to take a walk every day.

Sedovic won't talk about it.

He didn't take an umbrella with him.

I didn't like what Raif was doing to me.

I asked her to teach me French.

Life's short.

He makes good in everything he does.

Another ten minutes' walk brought us to the shore.

How many were injured?


She liked him much better than the other two kittens.

Linder was too surprised to be scared.

She admitted that she was wrong.


She's about my age.

I was asked a question in my turn.

Jim hasn't come yet.

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Mosur was very excited.

Janet eats less than Rajiv.

There is little chance of his winning.

I cannot afford to buy a car.

Thank you for bringing her.


The soldiers were on the alert.

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The Carthaginians longed for peace.


A question to which yes or no will not quiet suffice.


Nanda started the car.

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No one seems to know what happened to him.

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Someone is knocking on the door.

Have you figured it out yet?

Are you dating him?

This gives me the strength to go on.

We've been living here since July.

Why do I accept to write letters?

You don't want much, do you?

I'm pretty sure Vijay knows we're here.

I don't want to see that happen.


I never see you without thinking of my mother.

Mahmoud drank a shot of whiskey.

Let's try to contact Nancy again.

No wonder you're frantic.

The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.

Miracles have happened.

She's my rival.

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Angus thought that Marion would be on time.

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She works with single-minded determination.

He gets on my last nerve.

Can you hold it a moment for me?

Were it not for your help, I could never succeed.

Who doesn't think so?


Today, their efforts have paid off and they are in possession of conclusive evidence, an achievement which is indeed commendable.

You should always apologize in person.

You all did what you could.

I wouldn't eat that if I were you.

You guys better get moving.

He picked up something white on the street.

Let's have lunch here.